Australia’s Cricket pay dispute turning ugly

By Zaheer E. Clarke

Published May 22, 2017

Cricket Australia CEO James Sutherland said, “In the absence of a new MoU, CA is not contemplating alternative contracting arrangements to pay players beyond 30 June if their contracts have expired.”
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Cricket in Australia and Australians playing international cricket might come to halt after June 30 if issues regarding an ugly pay dispute are not resolved between the Board, Cricket Australia (CA), and the players’ association, Australian Cricketers’ Association (ACA).

The stump of contention for both parties, the CA and the ACA, lies in a wrangle over the current fixed-revenue-percentage model that has been in place for 20 years. Simply put, the CA wants to replace it while the ACA wants to retain it. This revenue-sharing model or Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between both parties is due to expire on June 30 of this year. Continue reading

Stick to Cricket, Please!

By Zaheer E. Clarke

Published January 18, 2016


Chris Gayle apologizes to Mel McLaughlin for his inappropriate comments

Let this be the last article to discuss the Chris Gayle firestorm that erupted two weeks ago. I’m tired of hearing about it. You are tired of reading about. So, let’s put a cap on it.

The Chris Gayle inappropriate incident is what it is: inappropriate. Personally, I don’t condone such behaviour either from a male or a female on the job. Privately, off the job, that’s another matter.

Gayle by his mere actions has awakened several underbellies of the human psyche which can only be described as the good, the sad and the despicable. Continue reading

ISSA, are you prepared for the future?

By Zaheer E. Clarke

 Published September 28, 2015

A look back in time at amateurism and the birth of professionalism in sports juxtaposed with present-day professional sports gives some foresight into what high school sports might be like in the future.

Marcus Garvey (c.) attended the renaming of the ship General G.W. Goethals to the S.S Booker T. Washington in 1925, after the ship was sold to Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association. (Photo credit: Unknown)

Marcus Garvey (c.) attended the renaming of the ship General G.W. Goethals to the S.S Booker T. Washington in 1925, after the ship was sold to Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association.
(Photo credit: Unknown)

Marcus Garvey once said, “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin, and culture is like a tree without roots.” So, as I often do on weekends, I ventured into the past, to keep rooted in the present, so that I’m prepared for the future.

Last weekend, I read an article published in 1931 by the Sydney Morning Herald about a staggering professional contract offered to Australian, Sir Don Bradman, the number-one batsman in the world then, and the most dominant batsman Test cricket has seen. The contract was worth potentially £500-1000 per annum for three years and was offered to him by the Accrington Cricket Club, a once prominent cricket club in Lancashire, England. As I read the article and later perused the offer telegram and other documents, I chuckled at the similarities and polarities of the past and present and paused to wonder, what other present views on sports or cricket will remain the same, or drastically change in the near or far futurity? Continue reading

Therapy! We Have A Problem

By Zaheer E. Clarke

(Published Monday, June 29, 2015)

West Indian cricket fans

West Indian cricket fans in happier times

My editor-in-chief said nothing. However, what my heart said was thunderous and comprehendible. Though unmortgaged as to what I should write, I felt over the past few weeks, I somehow shirked my duty to my beloved, my first love.

I spoke effortlessly about Track and Field, Horse Racing, Basketball, and Football (2 articles at that). My editors and the loyal followers of my column, blog, and social media page, seemingly revelled in the novelty and depth I brought to these other sporting sects of import.

However, no glorification bestowed sufficed, or became the balm for the West Indian infliction that staked my cricket-loving heart. This slacking or goldbricking by me went unnoticed like a nonentity checking himself into rehab. Yes, rehab, all because of West Indies cricket. Nevertheless, a jailbreak or therapy was well needed if my sanity was to stay intact, yet free from West Indies cricket. Continue reading