Lewis Hamilton, Quit Whining and Drive

 By Zaheer E. Clarke

Published November 14, 2016

Lewis Hamilton has been whining about his engine and other mechanical issues with Mercedes this season. Hamilton needs to quit complaining and drive his heart out for the championship.

Locally, the popular names in Motorsports are David Summerbell Junior, Doug “Hollywood” Gore and Kyle Gregg, all of who gave the fans a treat at last month’s Heroes of Speed event at the Dover Raceway.

On the international scene, though, the actions of one of the leading names in Motorsports have been gnawing on my consciousness for a while. Interestingly, several of my friends and those of my own race have been giving him a colossal pass. Who is the individual? The British driver, Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton is the reigning world champion of Formula 1 racing, the pinnacle of Motorsports internationally. Continue reading