Tiger’s roar inspires us all

By Zaheer E. Clarke
Published April 29, 2019 in the Western Mirror

Tiger Woods’ victory at the 2019 Masters reminds us to never give up hope and to always believe that we can overcome all of life’s obstacles and succeed.

Tiger’s triumph inspires us all.
(Credit: Tim Bradbury/Getty Images)

Eight months ago in a column titled, “Both Golf and Tiger need each other,” I revisited that moment 22 years ago when Eldrick Tont Woods, better known as Tiger Woods, won his first major championship — the Masters — at just 21 years old. I also discussed my health at the time as I was diagnosed with varicella, more popularly called chickenpox.

Two weeks ago before Woods roared for his fifth Masters victory at Augusta, I was once again in lousy health and at the hospital. A respiratory infection limited my breathing, and while being nebulised thrice, my only concern was to get home and find out if Tiger Woods had won the Masters. I didn’t want to find out the score via my personal or work phones while wearing an oxygen mask. I wanted to hear the action, see the emotions, and feel the crowd’s roar, gasp and applause to whatever the outcome while I was in the comfort of my home. When I got home long after the tournament ended, the headline across ESPN’s website simply said, “Tiger Woods is back,” and so was I in many ways emotionally and mentally. Continue reading