One of the greatest athletic performances I’ve ever witnessed

By Zaheer E. Clarke

Published on May 21, 2018, in the Western Mirror

Surprisingly, while in my living room at 2 AM, I witnessed one of the greatest athletic performances by one of the smallest athletes of all-time.

The writing process.
(Source: Shutterstock/Thought Catalog)

Since of late, my Monday columns are often penned late Thursday nights to early Friday mornings. I write best in nature’s tranquillity when the crickets are chirping, and everyone in my household is fast asleep. I find that I am able to focus my thoughts and transform them to paper more poetically in those moments. Henceforth, this column like several others started at around 2 a.m. Friday morning.

While there are several burning issues in the sporting world that I’ve been dying to talk about, including the IAAF new testosterone laws for women, this week’s column will venture down a different track. This week I felt compelled to share with you, my loyal readers, one of the greatest athletic performances I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. Continue reading