Steve Smith is no statistical illusion

By Zaheer E. Clarke

First draft submitted on January 5, 2018
Published (finally) on February 12, 2018, in the Western Mirror

A riposte to my good friend, Oral Tracey, and his column: Another Statistical Illusion.”

Steve Smith celebrates his century on the third day of the first Ashes Test against England in Brisbane on November 25, 2017.
(Credit: AFP)

Recently, a few ill-informed pundits and their legion of misinformed fans sacrilegiously proposed that Australian cricketer Steve Smith’s breathtaking Test career is a statistical illusion and yet another case of cricket statistics gone mad. If Adam and Eve weren’t already thrown out of the garden of Eden for disobedience, then they would surely be, if Eve presented this pristine poppycock of an apple for Adam to eat.

Some of these nescient savants even went further by sinfully declaring that it was highly premature to discuss Steve Smith’s name in the same sentence with the legendary Australian Sir Donald Bradman. Well of certainty, we will be damned if we embrace their astute and logical cricketing theories and not toss that claptrap out the window. Continue reading