Stick to Cricket, Please!

By Zaheer E. Clarke

Published January 18, 2016


Chris Gayle apologizes to Mel McLaughlin for his inappropriate comments

Let this be the last article to discuss the Chris Gayle firestorm that erupted two weeks ago. I’m tired of hearing about it. You are tired of reading about. So, let’s put a cap on it.

The Chris Gayle inappropriate incident is what it is: inappropriate. Personally, I don’t condone such behaviour either from a male or a female on the job. Privately, off the job, that’s another matter.

Gayle by his mere actions has awakened several underbellies of the human psyche which can only be described as the good, the sad and the despicable. Continue reading

2015 Sportsman, Sportswoman and Performance of the Year should go to …

By Zaheer E. Clarke

Published January 11, 2016


The 2014 RJR Sports Foundation National Sportsman Nicholas ‘Axeman’ Walters (R), and National Sportswoman Alia Atkinson (L). Atkinson’s world record swim at the 2014 FINA Short Course World Championships was voted the Performance of the Year. (Jamaica Observer)

Unlike the current furore surrounding Jamaican  Chris Gayle which seems to be forming new wriggles daily, the winners of the 2015 RJR Sportsman, Sportswoman and People’s Choice Performance of the Year Awards should be a formality this coming weekend.

Last year’s winners, boxer Nicholas Axeman on the male side and swimmer Alia Atkinson on the female side, and in the people’s hearts, were as clear as glass. Similarly, this year’s winners should have an inclination of their fate before donning their tuxedos and gala dresses for the event. Continue reading