2015: Will the Phoenix Rise?

By Zaheer E. Clarke

Published May 18, 2015

Asafa Powell wins the 100m at the 2015 Jamaica Invitational meet in 9.84s. His fastest time in 5 years. © Jamaica Olympics

Over the past few weeks, I’ve wrestled not with writer’s block, but a writer’s floodgate of sports stories I’m itching to comment or write on. The cupboard is overflowing with opinions I’d like to share. IPL/T20 cricket versus Test Cricket; The Narine Conspiracy; West Indies 16th win against a top-7 team in Test cricket in 15 years; a West Indies four-prong spin attack; Kevin Pietersen’s death, burial, and incarceration with Andrew Strauss now director of English cricket; and Chanderpaul’s pending retirement. Some of these might intrigue you; others are pure madness in your eyes.

Acclaimed author Marjorie Holmes once said and I’ll paraphrase, a writer is never out of ideas and stories to write, they are everywhere, all around us, it’s just for us to focus these ideas and write. I doubt I am a writer, but let’s see what I can concoct out of this mathematical maze in my mind today. Like many Jamaicans’, my attention has sharpened once again to one of our beloved sons, Asafa Powell. Continue reading



By Zaheer E. Clarke

Published May 11, 2015

Orville Higgins is a sports journalist at KLAS ESPN Sports FM.

Orville Higgins is a sports journalist at KLAS ESPN Sports FM and propagator of the word “bramble”

“Nonsense!” This one word uttered by sports journalist and talk show host, Orville Higgins a few weeks ago, in surmising my moot or conclusion: “Great Bowling is more critical than Great Batting for teams to dominate in Test cricket”. I laughed while having over 138 years of Test cricket data to defend my argument. My corner was bolstered by both the in-depth and superficial data analysis while his corner remained void of analysis, data, and as some may put it, a keen ear. I could easily plunge into the years of data, analysis and repeatable findings that fortify my moot or conclusion; however, that’s for another time or article.

My grandmother with her luminous acuity always repeated this byword to us grandkids, “Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger”. Continue reading